Chicken Satay (C, D, N, S)


Grilled marinated chicken with peanut sauce and vegetable relish.

Por Pia


Deep fried cabbage, carrot, glass noodle and Shiitake mushroom spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce.

Fish Cakes (GF, N)


Minced Haddock and shrimps mixed with a combination of green beans and lime leaves, served with sweet chilli vegetable peanut dip.

Garlic Spare Ribs (S)


Fried tender spare ribs marinated in garlic, ginger and white pepper tapped with crispy garlic sauce.

Hoi Tod


Deep fried scallops in Thai style tapioca
batter, served with stir fried beansprouts and chilli sauce.

Duck Rolls


Marinated duck, leeks, chilli and cucumber wrapped in pastry served with tamarind hoi sin sauce.

Goong Makham


Battered King prawn served with homemade
tangy tamarind sauce.

Sai Oua (GF)••


Northern Thailand style pork sausage seasoned with chilli and Thai herb served with house chilli sauce.

Deep-Fried Soft Shell Crab (N)


With sweet chilli mayonnaise and crushed peanuts.

Golden Fried Mixed Vegetables (S)


In batter, served with sweet chilli mayonnaise
and soy sauce.

Rice Style’s Platter (per person)


Combination of chicken satay, ribs, spring roll and fish cake. (Minimum 2 people)